How to catch Carp!
Carp Surface Fishing Tackle System
- The Product & Hints.

    The Carpwizard carp fishing float pack comprises:-

    • 1 off Carpwizard float
    • 1 off spool 50m 15lb BS Line (7kg)
    • 3 off Hooks size 4 eyed barbless
    • 3 off Ledger stops
    • 1 off Tin of Muscilin line grease
    • 3 off pads for grease application

The Carpwizard carp fishing float tackle system is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, in two upper body colours, in yellow or brilliant orange, the lower body is black in all versions. These can be purchased either as individual floats or there is a double pack available consisting of both colour floats and one set of the items listed above, or two yellow or two orange as required.


Surface Carp Fishing

How to use the Carpwizard carp fishing float;

1) Thread the line through from the back of the float.
2) Put the line-stop on the line and tie on the hook
3) Adjust stop to allow bait to just touch the surface
4) Grease line to ensure it floats We recommend a high breaking strain line be used (remember that the fish can no longer see the line) of at least 15 LB BS (8 kg).

Carp Fishing Float

The easiest method of using the carpwizard is to fish downwind and is absolutely ideal for those ponds where the carp will take in open water. Use bread, mixer or whatever your favourite surface feed encourager may be and fish with the Carpwizard in the mix as it is blown across the water. Recently customers are having good results with Boilies (look for Irish Country Meadow on EBay).

Carp fishing feeding techniques vary from water to water and where they will take in open water in one pond, the next may well be in the margins only. Margins are easy to fish with the Carpwizard, use the same encourager (bread, mixer), cast the Carpwizard parallel to the bank, a short distance out and allow the wind to blow the float into the baited area. This keeps the disturbance to a minimum.

Carp Fishing

Any floating bait that appeals to carp may be used with any hook formation. In some cases the fish may only be taking just under the surface and the carpwizard can easily cope with this. Just lengthen the hook leader and use a bait that sinks so that it is presented a few inches below the surface, good results have been produced with Boilies.

Bite detection is simple, the top of the Carpwizard is a bright colour (orange, yellow) and the underside is black. When watching the float and the colour suddenly changes to black, STRIKE. The Carpwizard may also be used to catch other fish, especially chub. It will allow the bait to be drifted downstream under those awkward trees and obstructions, presenting the bait in a more realistic manner.

If you find any other fishing methods that work using the Carpwizard, please let us know and we will include them on our website with your name. We would like to hear your experiences of using the float and let us know what you have caught with it - pictures appreciated!

Take a look at our HINTS page for further information.

Hints and Tips.
Sometimes carp will attack the float as if trying to drive it away from the bait and this can appear to be a take. Carp will often make false runs at the bait with much splashing and surface swirls, always wait for the float to dip before striking! Soft crumb bread is the common bait that has proved itself over the years.
Although we reccommend 15 lb BS line, and size 4 hooks, some carp anglers may wish to use a lighter hook leader and a smaller hook. This can easily be done by attaching the lighter line and smaller hook AFTER the line stop.

This float can also be used with a hair rig for dog biscuit or mixer baits, or could also be used with a boilie under the surface, although we have not tried this particular bait and method ourselves.

There may also be occasions when the carp are close to the surface, but not actualy taking off it. We have found that by lengthening the hook leader, pinching on some soft crumb and wetting it so that it sinks, the bait can be presented some 6 inches below the surface, which can often produce good results.

Most carp anglers would probably agree with the statement 'the most exciting way of catching carp is 'off the top'', for this method enables the angler to see all of the action as it happens. From the first 'bulge' near the bait, the ripples as the fish circles it, to the 'take', there is a great sense of excitement and anticipation, and if the strike is right, culminating in hooking, playing and landing the fish. It all sounds so easy, but is it? Carp have had great wisdom and cunning attributed to them, and carp anglers with the experience of days and nights ledgering with no luck, will certainly agree that they are wily fish.The usual methods of fishing 'off the top', are some form of controller float or freelining, but these methods do have their limitations. The controller float enables quite long casts to be made, but leaves line trailing on the surface between the float and the bait, and with freelining, the casts are not of any distance as there is not much weight in the bait, so stalking is necessary to get within range.The drawback with both of these methods is the line trailing on the surface from the bait, which is frequently detected by the fish as it approaches, causing the fish to rise short or it just turns away.

Most surface anglers have had the experience of their bait being in the middle of their free offerings, with all the 'freebies' being taken, but the bait being left, the line is the giveaway. Having identified the problem, we, at Carp Wizard set about solving it, and we did try a lot of things, and we mean a lot. Champagne corks, old pike floats, cork balsa and plain wood were all tried over a period of years, with varying success rates. We caught carp quite regularly, but there always seemed to be a slight problem with the robustness that would not allow us to bring it to the market, and it took three years to find the right materials and produce the finished article.

We have caught literally hundreds of carp with this float in its final design state, msde in the UK to the highest construction standards, it should last a lifetime, solve the problem of telltale line on the surface and improve the catches of all those anglers who enjoy taking carp 'off the top.
Bernie Orwin - One of the Carpwizard inventors.

Manufactured by Carpwizard Limited, UK.
Carpwizard carp fishing float has a full patent (Number 2 280 830), and is legally protected by patent insurance.

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